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Screech Owl / Kestrel Nest Boxes hand crafted from kiln dried 100% Northern Michigan white cedar. White cedar is recommended for its natural resistance to weather and insects. Each box is assembled with weatherproof Titebond 3 Glue for superior strength. Kerf cuts on interior face. Properly vented and pre-drilled for ease in hanging.

screech owl box

"Full" swing door for easy cleaning, lock pin to keep door closed!

Box Dimensions:

Nesting Box Size: 9.5" W x 9.5" D x 17" H
Mounting Board (Back): 9.5" x 21"
Entrance Hole: 3" diameter, beveled and contoured inside/out.

- Interior kerf cuts.
- Built in the USA, will last for years.
- You will not be dissatisfied with the quality of these boxes.

$31 each, $27 each for orders 4 or more.
Shipping: $19 for 1 box, $26 for 2, $34 for 3, $12 each for 4 or more.


wood duck box kit


All material needed to build 3 boxes (info directly above) less nails and glue.

All pieces are finish cut to size, sanded and ready to assemble. Building illustrations included.

$26 1-Box Kit
$23 each for orders 2 or more.

1 kit, $18
2 kits, $23 total
3 kits, $25 total
4 kits, $32 total
5 kits, $38 total
6 or more kits, $7 each

*Combined shipping discounts will be applied when possible.*

Please call Gregg @ 989-770-5204 for more info, leave a message. Thank you for your interest in my products.

Full line of completed boxes at all times!













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